The Ancient Everything

by Almisda

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My first full quality full length.
It's been roughly 5 years from the time the first faint iterations of these songs were built ~ over these past 5 years, these songs have been hidden in a special place, deep inside my life ~ developing through many very particularly important gusting flavors of time ~ in a slow sprawl, through great lessons, unfolding into the warm echos of celestial air ~ The phasing breath of season deeply impressed the various qualities of this album. Each song has had several various phases up to this point, as each song has been subject to vast experimentation in exploration of sonic environments. exploring what each song could become. What remains in a state of completion is an elegant unison of layers compiled through time, a collaboration by a variety of my more youthful and more adult selves; it is a personal story about transformation and ultimately a story about the woven whole of Nature, cosmic drama of the heavenly bodies and the beautifully bounding, infinite gateway complex that is our universe - the Ancient everything and the endlessly unfolding moment. The future that is born and a new generation. It is for the best of humanity and the our very special planet. This album is to assist those in quest for the light when they are shrouded by death and disorder. This album is a call upon seeds buried within the soil ~ let us grow now

The general mix and master quality of the album, considering even an optimum file size, is not what one would call absolutely perfect. You might say it sounds like it was polished with older technologies? Not all of the songs have exactly the same volume or general tone. But I've done what I can! - and I feel as though it sounds very nice. In full quality, It should certainly sound more than tolerable with a typical headphone, or 'hi-fi' experience. Also* Perhaps some of you had been expecting an album with lyrical content and vocal work in general, I’ve decided against it. A vocal track draws much attention! these songs breathe passingly, neutrally and nicely without vocals; this is not to say I wont be working on other things that do include my voice.

A deep love for the past:


released February 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Almisda Petoskey, Michigan

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